the bean guide to gifting: pet-lover's guide

perhaps you’re a dog shopping for your beloved human. or perhaps you are a human shopping for a pet loving human that you love. that’s confusing. regardless, if you are here, you might need some gifts. here are the bean approved gifts for humans this holiday season.

leaving pets at home while at non-dog friendly obligations is arguably one of the worst parts of pet parenting. ladyhuman purchased a woofowear apple watch strap so she can keep the beans  & louis on her at all times. bonus: woofowear donates 10% of your purchase to animal rescue! apple watch strap, $39.99



what’s a better gift than artwork custom created that showcases your pup? we had the pleasure of meeting andrea cáceres at petcon this fall & she made this beautiful bean portrait. custom dog drawing, starting at $45



teach children about the joys of rescue with these adorable rescue runts toys. they come out of the box sad and in need of some TLC. with some brushing and care, they become beautiful, happy pets! we are partial to the husky because she looks like FiFi, but there’s plenty of other breeds too. rescue runts, $19.99



love gold diamonds and your dog? jeweler carrie cramer’s canine baubles come in a variety of breeds, shapes and you can opt for different types of diamond finishes based on preference and budget. there’s even an adorable collab with celeb vet dr. lisa lippman. dog jewelry, starting at $195



finding out ella & fifi’s breeds was basically the highlight of the bean human’s year  - give a pet parent that same joy with the wisdom panel dna kit. it also screens for all kinds of health issues so you can be a more informed pet parent. our fave part was seeing the beans lineage going back multiple generations and the little tool that talked about the genetic reasons for their size and features like cute upright ears. wisdom panel 4.0 dna kit, $149.99



the ultimate pet parent gift? a little jetsetting around the world with your pooch. even if you can’t bring your pup overseas, there’s plenty of amazing US based dog friendly adventures to be had. some of our faves:  

paris: hotel montalembert is a pup friendly, chic boutique hotel on the left bank. includes a pet bed and bowls and friendly staff. perfect location for a home base in paris.

south of france: villa la coste is literal heaven if you love food, wine & art. your well behaved dog is welcome everywhere (except the spa) including their michelin starred restaurant. ella was treated like a princess & this is on our hit list of places we can’t wait to return. the nearby town of aix-en-provence was also incredibly dog friendly & so picturesque. pro tip: dogs are allowed almost everywhere, but if there is a NO DOG sign, be respectful!

venice, italy: hotel danieli is right on the grand canal and footsteps from the dogue palace & st marks square, this opulent hotel included a luxe dog bed, bowls and special treats. dogs aren’t welcome on the roof or restaurants, but we found plenty of outdoor seating in venice where ella was welcomed and pampered. 

portofino italy: belmond splendido is the ultimate in luxury, a canine masseuse and dogsitters are on staff to ensure your pup’s every whim is catered to. 

Miami Beach, Florida: the standard spa invites well behaved pups to lounge by the pool and greets them with bowls, beds and special treats. the clientele is super cool and for the humans, the hammam is 👌.  

aruba: the ritz carlton is absolutely perfect and small dogs can access their own mini cabanas and enjoy a dog menu, including poolside frozen watermelon. the water is clear and warm if your pup is in the mood for a dip!

bachelor gulch, colorado: another ritz carlton property we had the pleasure of staying at also offered an incredible dog menu, dog massages and fabulous hiking. 

upstate ny: scribners catskill lodge is a bean fave and we’ve returned multiple times. hiking, relaxing by the fire, eating yummy food and more at this cozy upstate hipster haven. 

the bean guide to gifting: home edition

ever noticed that pet home goods can skew a little cutesy? never fear, the beans are here! we’ve shared the fashionable gifts we want most this year, and now we’ve compiled our fantasy gifts this holiday season to inspire your pets to upgrade their own aesthetic. AHEM SANTA, PLS PAY ATTENTION!

mr. dog marble dog bowls

for those who don’t know new york based, modern brand mr. dog, you are very welcome. these INSANE marble dog bowls are the epitome of chic and they maintain drinking water at a temperate 67 degrees. we’re drooling. marble dog bowls, $475-$675

lately the beans have been highly competitive for space on a regular old pillow on the floor instead of the plethora of pricey dog beds we already have. a grimy pillow doesn’t REALLY do aesthetic justice to our home, so fingers crossed santa brings this chic floofy looking pillow to the bean residence. zzz pet bed, $243-$289

in need of a crate for your home but desperate to not have your new pup mess up your carefully curated home? PAWD, a new crate that was backed on kickstarter is finally available to order and is scheduled for delivery by end of january. it folds down to easily store out of sight when not in use. PAWD, $99

fifi is dying to elevate her feefpod game with this ultra-luxury Mia Cara dog lounge. because really, if you aren’t lounging in a cozy pod that’s high on maximum style vibes, what ARE you doing with your life? MiaCara Pod via For the Furry, $608

technically not just for dogs, a cozy but stylish throw blanket can be shared by the whole fam. we already scored this wool blanket from brooklyn based (and bean fave) design store Beam & it’s become everyone’s fave cuddle companion, day and night. hofn wool blanket, $180

in our fantasy monochromatic design scheme, even the toys we play with match our decor. max-bone totally gets our love of the color grey. max-bone toys, starting at $9

The 2018 Bean Guide to Fashionable Gifting

It is OFFICIALLY holiday shopping season. The Beans have compiled the MOST fashionable products they already love or are dreaming of getting this holiday season for your shopping pleasure. Happy shopping!

In case you hadn’t heard, WINTER IS COMING! The Beaniest way to handle the cold is with a puffer onesie, naturally we prefer luxury onesies from Italian brand ILoveMyDog. We have a small (and growing) collection of puffers and can’t WAIT to outfit FiFi in this year’s newest colors. ILoveMyDog Tracksuit, $193

If you loveee all designer everything, like the Beans, Pawmain’s designer streetwear inspired hoodies will be your go-to loungewear. Perfect for jetsetting in style. Pawmain Hoodies, $40

On the Bean’s wishlist this year is this grey-on-grey ribbed sweater from minimalist designer MaxBone. Sweater, $39

If you haven’t heard of RebelDawg, you probably aren’t following enough Instagram dogs. Customize a namplate in your choice of colors & fonts, add a mini charm that expresses your personality (Ella is partial to the glitter crowns or stars). There’s also sassy seasonal sayings, medical tags and you can customize pretty much anything you can dream up. RebelDawg tags, starting at $18

Coconut Bean

‘Up-cycled’ is the new ‘recycled’ and if you ever wondered about Cokie’s Gucci collar, you can snag one of your own on Etsy from SiesaKeyNeedlepoint. They take used authentic designer products & repurpose them into dog accessories. Louis is dying to get his paws on the Louis V bow-tie. Gucci up-cycled collar, $75, Louis Vuitton up-cycled bow-tie, $75

Image via    Moncler

Image via Moncler

The Beans are crossing their paws that Santa is EXTRA generous this year and sends each of them one of the new 2018 Moncler Dog vests. Ella Bean has never met luxury logo she doesn’t love and she’s educated Cokie and FiFi to feel the same way. Moncler Dog Vests, starting at $425

step in harness

The Dog Bar in Miami Beach is a destination for canines with good taste and we are devoted to their neon pink nylon step in harnesses - what makes them super special is the harness and leash actually clip together, so you can use them separately. We are always asked about them when we post the Beans wearing their harnesses on IG stories, so we thought we’d give you the inside scoop. Step-in harness, $39.99

neon wagwear rainbreaker

This neon pink raincoat by Wagwear is a Bean ‘must-have’. If you MUST be outside in rainy weather, this is the only acceptable attire. Wagwear rainbreaker, $48 via Bean fave shop, Chewsy

house of fluff dog

We got SO many compliments on Coconut’s Petcon lewwwwk we wanted to share our secret source with you. House of Fluff creates extra chic human AND dog sustainable faux fur. Their dog jackets are made to order and are beyond chic! House of Fluff dog coats, $175