the bean guide to gifting: home edition

ever noticed that pet home goods can skew a little cutesy? never fear, the beans are here! we’ve shared the fashionable gifts we want most this year, and now we’ve compiled our fantasy gifts this holiday season to inspire your pets to upgrade their own aesthetic. AHEM SANTA, PLS PAY ATTENTION!

mr. dog marble dog bowls

for those who don’t know new york based, modern brand mr. dog, you are very welcome. these INSANE marble dog bowls are the epitome of chic and they maintain drinking water at a temperate 67 degrees. we’re drooling. marble dog bowls, $475-$675

lately the beans have been highly competitive for space on a regular old pillow on the floor instead of the plethora of pricey dog beds we already have. a grimy pillow doesn’t REALLY do aesthetic justice to our home, so fingers crossed santa brings this chic floofy looking pillow to the bean residence. zzz pet bed, $243-$289

in need of a crate for your home but desperate to not have your new pup mess up your carefully curated home? PAWD, a new crate that was backed on kickstarter is finally available to order and is scheduled for delivery by end of january. it folds down to easily store out of sight when not in use. PAWD, $99

fifi is dying to elevate her feefpod game with this ultra-luxury Mia Cara dog lounge. because really, if you aren’t lounging in a cozy pod that’s high on maximum style vibes, what ARE you doing with your life? MiaCara Pod via For the Furry, $608

technically not just for dogs, a cozy but stylish throw blanket can be shared by the whole fam. we already scored this wool blanket from brooklyn based (and bean fave) design store Beam & it’s become everyone’s fave cuddle companion, day and night. hofn wool blanket, $180

in our fantasy monochromatic design scheme, even the toys we play with match our decor. max-bone totally gets our love of the color grey. max-bone toys, starting at $9