S.4234/A.6298, the Humane Pet Store Bill will be going to a vote on the New York State Senate floor NEXT WEEK. This bill will ban the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores in New York.

Passing this bill will allow New York to follow in the footsteps of over 300 localities and two states, California and Maryland, who have passed similar laws. New York has about 80 pet stores selling live animals, with about 50,000 animals sold annually. The number is staggering when you think about the number of puppy/kitten/bunny parents left behind to suffer in commercial pet breeding facilities. 


1.  MOST IMPORTANT: SHOW UP at your local senator's office on Monday and Tuesday! I am represented by Senator Kavanaugh and am planning to stop by on Monday morning. If you are also represented by Kavanaugh and wish to join, LMK!

2. Email/ Fax/ mail your legislator and tell them to VOTE YES on S.4234/A.6298. We have some sample language here!

3. Fill out THIS FORM and leave a comment encouraging your senator to vote YES! 

You can identify your state senate representative here to find their contact information - some include email addresses.

Our most AT RISK votes are senators from Long Island. If you or someone you know is willing to do outreach, we really could use the help!

Long Islanders: are the below your senators? We need you!

-- John Brooks (8th)

-- Todd Kamisky (9th)

-- James Gaughran (5th)

-- Anna Kaplan (7th)

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